WALL – A Multimedia Community Arts Project

WALL is an Eltham Arts project. It is aimed to be an opportunity for members of our community, individuals, schools and groups to join in with a project which encourages imaginative and creative thinking. It encourages everyone, whatever their ability, age or background, to think about their identity and our community and who we are.


It is about our response to the walls that we build both physically, culturally and mentally. It can be about the materials and textures of walls. It’s about the past, present, and future, wherever we are from. It could be about our relationship with the materials that make the world around us. In exploring what walls are and what they are for we can gain insight to the world we live in.

We wanted to design an inclusive, multimedia project where anyone in the community could participate irrespective of age, background and expertise in arts. The idea of the Wall project evolved after our committee members attended a brick-making workshop in Sept 2016 at the NOW gallery in Greenwich, south-east London. The experience was so satisfying and therapeutic that they wanted to start a project to do with bricks. After discussion in March 2017, they came up with a multimedia arts and wellbeing project – “Wall” – that would allow people to acknowledge barriers and explore ways to deal with them. They wanted to know if people acknowledge walls around them? Do they see them as barriers or connectors? 

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Wall project has been recently shortlisted for the Epic Awards 2020 by Voluntary Arts!  bit.ly/epicshortlist


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