Revisiting Wall

Join us in building the Heart Felt Wall of 2020

We hope you all are keeping safe and sane in these difficult times. We are determined to maintain our community arts group, Eltham Arts, which relies wholly on volunteers and want to make our own contribution to living with the current challenges. We have decided to Revisit the Wall and develop creative responses to the ongoing situation. We want you to tell us – How do walls feel around you? Have they changed lately? Do they bond you or are they more isolating?

We would like everyone to join in and make the project global this time. The project welcomes contributions from all age groups, from people from all backgrounds and at all skill levels. The creative responses can draw on any art forms.

You can write and record a song, a podcast, make a video, a collage, write a poem, make a ceramic piece, take a photo or any other form that you want to use to express your feelings.

Echoing, our previous Wall project, you could choose to contain your response in a ‘brick’, as described in the flyer below and help us build the Heart Felt Wall of 2020!

Once your creative work is ready, make sure you email it to us at If your creative response is non-digital, then take a photo and email it to us. We will share all responses on our social media regularly.

We really hope you will join in with our project. Your support can keep afloat small little community groups like us in these very difficult times. We look forward to seeing all your creative responses.

Heart Felt Wall of 2020

Click on the brick to zoom

Such lovely bricks! We would love to see more creations being part of this Wall. So, tell us how do you feel about the walls around you. Here is how you can add your brick/bricks to this Heart Felt Wall –

Get in touch with us if you would like to a flyer posted to you along with a brick template.

Dowload a template:

1. Two 20 x 6cm rectangles/’bricks’ on one sheet of A4 paper – download

2. Flyer with brick template – download

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