Eltham Winter Festival !

At our conference in October on developing the arts in Eltham , one of our BIG IDEAS was an Eltham Festival ! The discussions have started ! The proposal is an Eltham Winter Festival starting Halloween and finishing on 22nd November . The annual event,  Eltham Lights Up, which is organised by Royal Greenwich council is scheduled for 19th November 2015.

We are looking at bringing together a programme of events during this time which reflect Eltham’s creativity and engergy. We are also planning an Eltham Art Trail, involving galleries, shops and anywhere else which can host a small display of paintings,pottery or crafts.

We hope this will be an innovative and enjoyable Festival for everyone. There is great enthusiam from groups and individuals so far . We are looking for partners to join together to make this a success.  There is support but no finance from Royal Greenwich Council, apart from their event on 19th November, so we will all have to work togther to make this happen.  If you have ideas or want to be involved in any way, do get in touch.

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