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WALL Project is being built!

WALL – Our exciting community multimedia project for 2017/2018  

Bricks on the Wall

PlainPhotoBrickWallProject with local schools and community groups. Encouraging groups to draw/paint on brick size wood/cardboard/fabric on the theme of WALLs. These will be incorporated into an installation in the SE9 Container Gallery and elsewhere .

We have heard from one primary school that they are planning to make ceramic bricks , which can then be installed on a wall on the school after the project .

More groups and schools are invited to take part in this project.

Leading: Pragya Kumar and John Wingham

Writing on a Wall

Cartoon-Woman-writingA short story and poetry creative writing challenge. This will be on the theme of WALLS. This is an exciting topic which encourages people to think about the walls around them and be inspired to express themselves creatively in prose or poetry. It may be a wall on a house or historic building, a wall dividing cultures or a personal wall within which inspires you to write. A great opportunity for all ages to be involved .

Workshops are being planned to support this project and encourage creative writing. Planned exhibition/awards/celebratory event on World Book Night 23rd April 2018 at Eltham library. Also planned that a selection will published in a book of the same name.

This has been  launched  with a closing date of end February 2018

There are leaflets in Eltham Centre and New Eltham libraries and elsewhere . You can also find information on this website .

All ages (and all abilities) are encouraged to join in.

Leading: Gaynor Wingham and Miriam Storey


The Wall the Mind Built

Cartoon-family0A dance and music project by members of the Hulviz Musical Society to show how mental health issues and the stigma of such issues are affecting the youth of the community. They are planning a contemporary dance and music piece by group members brainstorming terms associated with mental health and what it means to them and how they view the issues that are created by social media and the world around them, they plan to photograph each step and then create the finished piece.

Leading: Gaynor Wingham (liaising with Clare Smith)


Songs across a Wall 

guitar-onWallSinger/song writers to be challenged to write and perform their songs around the wall theme.  There will be a performance, possibly as part of the Eltham Summer Music Festival . May produce a CD

Everyone will have an opportunity to perform somewhere ! We have great venues locally.

Young singer/songwriters are encouraged to participate as well as older experienced ones.

Leading: Zahira al Zahira and Dave Kenningham


The Secret Story Garden 

SecretGardenBased around the theme of Francis Hodgson Burnett’s book we are working with Eltham Library to developing an outside garden area of the Eltham centre as play and art space. Art works will be developed along with part of the planting. This is dependent on agreement from the building owners. GLL have expressed support for the project

Leading: Miriam Storey


Green Walls

plantCellsPhotographer Sandra Marques looks at the cellular structure of plants. We are considering how this may interface with the secret garden project. Exhibition at the SE9 Container Gallery (Sept/Oct 2018) . An exhibition is also being planned at the Gerald Moore Gallery Jan/Feb 2019

Leading: Pragya Kumar (liaising with Sandra Marques)


My Wall

Frame-MyWall-text“My Wall” is a project by photographer Elizabeth Itisor. She aims to capture stories of local people by taking pictures of them against walls. Her final work will result in an exhibition in SE9 Container Gallery. An exhibition is also being planned at the Gerald Moore Gallery Jan/Feb 2019

Leading: Pragya Kumar (liaising with Elizabeth Itisor)


Walls from the Water

Wall-WaterCreative project from found objects (many bricks!) from mudlarking on the River Thames foreshore. No one is sure what will be created but it will be interesting and different!

Leading: Dave Kenningham


Dunvegan Path Underpass –  Mural

DunveganPathA transformation of an underpass wall at Eltham Station. Permission has been granted from South Eastern Rail and funds will have to be raised to complete it. Ruth Noble (community) will lead on this and is exploring options.

Leading: John Wingham (liaising with Ruth Noble)


Over the Wall and Far away : New Eltham shopfront Mural

Mural on a vacant shopfront commissioned by NEBA (New Eltham Business Association). Completed Aug 2017 entitled ‘Over the Wall and Far Away ‘

A fantastic improvement (and talking point) loved by the community. Well done team !

Leading: Pragya Kumar, John Wingham and Zahira Al Zahira


WALL Exhibition at the SE9 Container Gallery

SE9 Container GalleryThe gallery , which is in the Grounds on St Thomas More Secondary School, has been booked from Sept 2018 until end Oct half term. We are delighted that we will have the opportunity for  seven Saturdays to have an  Exhibition of works from the projects and film generated by the project.

Leading: John Wingham and Pragya Kumar


Exhibition at the Gerald Moore Gallery

The Gerald Moore Gallery is in the grounds of Eltham College. It hosts a a number of touring exhibitions, including the Hayward exhibitions. We are delighted to have the opportunity to plan an exhibition as part of the WALL project from Feb/March 2019.

We are looking at using this as a photography and film exhibition of projects integrated within the WALL projects on different aspects . This will provide an opportunity for events on the Saturdays to complement the projects and exhibitors.

Gerald Moore Gallery 2017

Wall – the Film

Wall-Camera-woman-CaptureThis will be a film to explore some of the issues raised by the WALL theme and document the project. Gaynor will work with photographer Robert Piwko

Filming has started and the film will evolve over the next 6/9 months. documenting projects but also exploring wider issues in our community.  We are planning the film will be shown at the SE9 Container Gallery and the Geeald Moore Gallery and elsewhere

Leading: Gaynor Wingham


Email for more information or to discuss a project.



Eltham Get Writing! Creative writing challenge

      Writing on a WALL

Eltham Arts Creative Writing Challenge 

Short stories and poetry wanted on the theme of WALL!


What does the word WALL mean to you? Eltham Palace? A garden wall? A hidden wall of shyness? A door in a secret wall? The Berlin wall? Graffiti on a wall? A wall between cultures which can be broken or climbed? Inspired to write a story or poem? Experienced or first-time writer. Have a go.

Prizes and awards for all age groups will be presented at a celebration on World Book Night 23rd April 2018 at The Eltham Centre, 2 Archery Rd, Eltham SE9 1HA.

To submit entries email or for more information contact Information on the multimedia WALL project on Facebook and on the Eltham Arts website.

Writing on a Wall – Competition Rules.

  1. Short stories up to 300 words and poetry up to 30 lines to be submitted with the theme ‘WALL’ on any subject, but must be suitable for an all age audience, original and unpublished.
  2. This is a community family writing competition. Open to everyone who lives, works, is educated in, belongs to a club or group or shops in London SE9. Indicate which category (e.g. work) if address not SE9.
  3. There will be awards in three age groups (u12, 12 – u18 and over 18)
  4. All ages can enter. If aged under 18 the name and contact details for a parent/guardian must be provided and they must give permission.
  5. If entries are submitted through a school, the school must ensure that parental permission has been given for the entry to be submitted and details provided on request.
  6. Up to four entries are allowed per person with no charge for entry.
  7. All entries are by email. The name of the entrant, age and title must be in the header of the email. (e.g. Chloe Smith over 18 ‘The Wall of my Dreams’).
  8. The short story or poem with a suitable title and the author’s name must be typed on one side of paper and attached to the email.
  9. The email must include name with contact details (name, address, email, phone number) and if the entrant is under 18 details of parental permission or school staff contact.
  10. Schools, colleges and groups may submit entries on UBS memory stick. Contact for details.
  11. Be careful with spelling and grammar as entries will be displayed or published as submitted.
  12. The judges will be looking for an imaginative story or poem with a good use of language.
  13. The closing date of the competition is the end of February 2018.
  14. The judges’ decision is final and neither the judges nor the organisers will enter into any correspondence.
  15. The copyright of the short stories remains with the author. However, authors, by entering the competition, grant the organisers the right to publish and/or broadcast.

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